"A Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement in Canada"

The Stone-Campbell Movement, or more familiarly called the Restoration Movement, gained momentum as it grew in knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ in the light of the scriptures. Christ is the centre and the reason of all that exists in this world. All that we are and all that we need is found in our identity with Christ, and that is why we make room for denominational differences. However, we do not believe or allow human influence to interpret what the Bible says, but we only allow scripture to interpret scripture. We do not believe or allow labels to define us as Pentecostal or Baptist, because we are Christians only. We do not believe or allow legalism to guide our conscience, but through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, without restrictions or conditions, we preach the gospel of His amazing grace where Jesus becomes the only standard that is followed. We are opposed to a form of Christianity that causes fear, guilt and shame, because it is the unconditional love of God that transforms our minds and hearts to live a life of hope and peace. Called to ministry?